Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu Episode 01 Thoughts

Also called Animal Detective Kuruminzoo

Currently put this on hiatus cause the subs haven’t caught up

[There’s about 50 episodes]

So right off the bat you get these 2 people, silver haired dude and a goth girl,arriving soon on land.  Sounds like a re-occurring opening bit used often in tv shows. Could they get any cheesier with the starting bit?

Even the photo bit has been used often enough. Is the bat a hint to come?

Game on!

Riko sure doesn’t care for textbooks very well… Ken what are you doing going that fast anyways? Sorry Riko but this is a magic genre, I don’t think you’ll be able to play that match with Ken. When I saw Nigisa doing archery, I instantly thought of Kiko from InuYasha…

Here enters Mr. Water Flea

Her dad does not look anything similar to Riko. This makes me wonder if any of the other characters look somewhat similar to their parents?

What resemblance?
The fishy doctor

Their mom is a animal whisper… Now that’s something different. Hmmm, not earning any points by giving the Doctor the same glasses as Rimu. Something fishy going on between the mom and Doctor.

Yeah… Rimu and Riko don’t look like their parents, maybe Rimu’s hair color to their dad. Their mom, don’t remember if she was given a first name yet, gives them the job of watching over Lyla.

Riko’s mind slips that she was going to have a 1 on 1 with Ken…. Poor Tamao gets hurt by Ken’s hands while waiting at the ball court for her. Ken in my eyes seems like a flawed character.

Mystery staircase appear!

After Lyla excapes the sanctuary and is somewhere in the house they come across these stairs. The only hole in this part I found was the fact of if Lyla went up the stairs how could she when they weren’t all the way down yet?

Hmmm I wonder
Hey check ourselves out!

Looks who shows up again! Doctor! There’s something fishy about him I tell you! Riko dives headfirst in saying the magic words. Enter magical girl part of the anime!

Loved that they put a twist in their henshin outfits and made them smaller or else this would be a repeat of Tokyo Mew Mew.

Wait... What just happened?

Go get into mischeif you two. This town must be small in that you “bump” or in Riko’s and Rimu’s case “crash” on top of Ken and Tamao. Leave them speechless why don’t you.

Overall: Sadly I felt this ending bit with Ken & Tamao was too rushed… I’ve seen better magical anime’s where your close friend is left in the dark for quite a few more episodes. Like Tokyo Mew Mew & some others.

My questions into episode 2:

  • What is up with the goth girl?
  • How will Riko and Rimu change back?
  • How is Ken and Tamao going to act when we see them again?

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