Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu + Purezza

Great little 2 season anime I came across.

H0w I found this title: Found it while on another anime link site after I finished Alison & Lillia which is a good one part of it talking about a land divided.

Thoughts going into this anime: Got nothing to loose & it sounds interesting.

The anime: Interesting kinda like My sister can’t be this cute in that the brother finds out about her secret. Not bad for a 12 episode-long season for both. Got a touch of comedy & romance.

Weak Points: That it’s only 12 episode long for both seasons & I would have loved for them to marry already or something! The drunken sister of Yuuto… she doesn’t do much does she? Though the idea that Yuuto has cook for them reminds me of Ran/Rachel from Detective Conan.

Strong Points: The father! He’s too much, getting hurt by his wife & Yuuto’s & Haruka’s peers evil-ness =3 Also the kooky maids!

Would Like This Anime If You Enjoy:

  • My Sister Can’t Be This Cute!

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