Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle [01]

Not sure what to make of this anime yet. The one thing that bugs me the most is the rendition of Kaito’s eyes, everything else art-wise seems very cohesive to me.

Right of the bat, we see Okudera the Genius & Kaito in a deadly labyrinth to give a idea of the dangers Kaito is going to face. Cut to the rumor that we viewers know who saved Okudera, here they introduce Nonoha.

Don’t really get how Sempai, the guy above, gave Kaito the device, I hope they clarify that part more. At least Nonoha has some smarts, hoping for she does some more then being Kaito’s bumbling sidekick. Yeah, don’t show us how you got the 1st trial, just put the rest of the screen time with trial 2 why don’t you? Yay insert bracelet here onto Kaito.  Loved the red eyed Kaito. Hmmm the promise the character they show looks like one of them in the op, I wonder why they called some of the main characters famous people, I can’t seem to find the video that showed some of the characters with their alt. names now

So to sum it up looks like Kaito is a rendition of Yugi/Yami with Yami being Red eyed Kaito & Nonoha being Tea. Still not sure about this title… Them eyes!  One word: Yuck! 

Oh yeah the next episode is going to involve one of my favorite puzzle games, Rush Hour! =3 And we get to see Nonoha maybe comment about Kaito’s red eyes.


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