Kamen Rider Movie: War-Core [Very short thoughts]

Thought to share my thoughts on this after watching this about 3-4 times.

It’s still hasn’t lost it’s edge after watching it so many times.Though I did notice that Birth isn’t the current user that I know of, it’s the user’s partner in crime. Though I’m only 34 episodes in at the time of typing this. I just fall in love again watching Phillip-kun & Shotaru again, I may need to get my hands on Let’s Go Kamen Rider Movie &  Movie Wars: Megamax when that comes out for some more Phillip-kun & Shotaru fix.

At the ending scene where Os & CycloneJokerExtreme are fighting Kamen Rider Birth after Os uses the red metals did anyone else think of Sparkling Rainbow Attack? Probably just me. The one thing I didn’t understand is who’s girl who was supposedly in Rio?


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