NY Comic Con/AF 11 thoughts

OMG had a awesome time that weekend! Walked around as the Scarecrow from Doctor Who on Friday & Saturday.
[Though some noobs thought I was from batman or even worse sockboy]

Got my picture taken quite a lot on friday, which was cool. Seeing Kamen Rider cosplays roaming around was even better!

We left early I think friday & gone to MD’s. You could have played Guess that anime character!when your sitting down. Happened to see one of my park friends while we sat down to eat some asian-flavored Kit Kats my friend brought back. Didn’t know who I was cause of my mask. My friend told me about a Sherlock Meetup/dinner that was going on later so we went to that. [Had some guy ask his kids to stand under me & I pretended to tower over them. Found 1 professional photo of me though I hate it cause you can see my eyes =P
Oh I forgot when I got into the hotel around 10pm-ish I saw a Pedobear leave the hotel… I went WTF?

Saturday was kinda a bust cause I couldn’t find the 4th floor in time for Mario Bueno… -sad face-
BUSY, we went around the block just to get in, it was such a silly line, Kat my friend who went earlier she told me she had to wait a hour. Found each other later & slowly made our way to the Doctor Who Meetup. It was OMG, loads of people! Had people tell me "Scarecrow right?" "can I get your picture?" that was awesome. So was the little 11th stetson boy who kept on trying to sonic screwdrive me before we got all separated. Oh yeah, Doctor Donna your cosplay was awesome! Loved that I saw a fellow whovian that I met at CPAC there, she was Fem! 6th Doctor. We were about 5-10mins late for the Tumblr meetup out in the lobby, never did find them… -sadface- Left later & went looking for food, found this cheap place really close to the hotel/Penn. Didn’t know there was seats upstairs but I had lots of bags… Including that dam huge HASBRO bag… Sat up near the elevators in the hotel on my floor we chatted for a while. Called my mom & started to pack while it was only me there, roommates went out to china town for dinner.

Sunday: We figured to get up/out to the con early, met Kat in the hotel lobby & waited on line inside the building. Don’t remember much that day but I went for the Gaia Online thing & Kat went for the T&B panel. I was really disappointed at the quality of the Gaia thing… It was not even up to par with the last few at NYCC/NYAF. Really sad, it was soo bad I think we only stayed for about a half hour… So we did one last run around the con floor, I needed to buy some things. Then we went back to the 4th floor & had the last kit kat package & went outside to do some quick photoshoots w Kat [She was Hungry & I was Yankumo from Gokusen/Ganster Teacher] though it wasn’t very long cause it was windy. Loved the Monroe moment photo I have.

Hope to go to I-Con this year & it would be a gang of 3! Kat, me & my HS friend Jord! Maybe even some more photoshoots there & Doctor Who meetups. Totally doing scarecrow from doctor who again, though it needs some mending.

Photos of me & my friend:


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