Gokusen/Gangster Teacher [Anime]

H0w I found this title: Back when we had Encore & Encore Wam! had worthwhile stuff to watch, I would stay up late just to watch this. It’s such a unknown anime cause it was only on Encore Wam!’s anime block. Which last I heard doesn’t exist anymore.

Thoughts going into this anime: It would be nice to rewatch this again.

The anime: Always good as I remember it! Though the dog I think was used as a window to the viewers.

Weak Points: Being that it’s so short. Wish it was longer & they went more indepth with Shin. Needed the Parent Teacher Conferences I think from the drama [Just finished season 01 so review will be coming]

Strong Points: Yankumo & Shin they have a friendly banter. Yankumo’s relationship with her students reminds me of a high school teacher who was more of a friend to his students and had that friendly banter with them.

Would Like This Anime If You Enjoy:

  • Great Teacher Onizuka [GTO]: It has a ex-biker & a gang leader as a teacher?

Sorry Josei is a rare genre comment if you know of any other anime that’s similar ok? Would love that!


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