Delta State–The Animation

Note: Episode 19 is missing & the last episode kind of re-shows what I believe is the first 15 mins of the episode.

H0w I found this title: Looking into programs were/are broadcasted by Teletoon.

Thoughts going into this anime: Lets see how a show entirely rotoscoped turns out. I think I may have looked at this one a while back.

The anime: Interesting though near the ending & the last episode threw me for a loop.

Weak Points: Patterned shirts like Phillip’s & Brodie’s move when the character’s move. It’s weird. And near the end & the ending made my head hurt cause when you thought you had a grip on the show it throws you for a loop.

Strong Points: Not bad, I enjoyed the ride up to the last episode. Also figuring out their pasts was interesting.

Note: Showed my mom a scene with the patterns moving & she commented that she recognized Brodie’s voice. Did a little digging & Larry Day was the bad guy in The Bone Collector & Gus Waldren in The Templar.

Here’s scenes from 2 episodes.
Keep a close eye on Pinstripe/Phillip or Phill for the shirt pattern movement.


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