Ultraman Dyna

Seeing as I’ve already watched Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy. I decided to try Dyna since Dyna is in Ultra Galaxy movie. Big mistake. What is up with the hair color Shin? This change of hair color confused me. (This is the same actor, if I’m not mistaken when I looked into this)

Seeing how I went from Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy to Ultraman Dyna, I must say I liked his character in Ultra Galaxy. In Ultraman Dyna he’s pretty much a goofball, yet he’s Ultraman’s human host. I would have liked something said about his hair color. Even something to do with traveling through the wormhole would have made it easier maybe for those that have watched Ultraman Dyna before Ultra Galaxy. The fact that in Dyna he’s comic relief doesn’t help the series. Also most of the series is all RAW format besides episode 1 by a sub group and episode 2 found on a subtitle directory site I came across. Kind of skipped around watching the RAWs, the part where someone finds out he’s Ultraman has more sorrow segments compared to Mebius/Moebius. Not sure what else to say about this, the fact that the goofball is the host was a big turn-off.

RATE: 4/10?

Would I watch this again?: Very RARE Chance Only if the last few episodes got subbed cause it was getting good, though probably will take a while since the group that subbed episode 1 needs a translator.


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