Dororo Movie

Came across this when I was looking for Who are you? drama. For a historical, supernatural live action this is pretty good! When I started watching this there’s some bloody moments like chopping the head priest in half, those children caterpillars & fiends [That’s what they call Demons/Yokai] exploding. Hyakki-maru is a special human that his dad sold 48 of his bodily parts just to save his clan/rule the world. Hyakki-maru must defeat 48 Fiends to regain these missing parts.

Here’s an creepy Hyakki-maru just before the cut.

Loved how they introduced Hyakki-maru, when I first saw him fight I noticed he moved similar to a robot. We first notice there’s something with this one dude with the short one-sided convo the Palm Reader has with him.


You truly know something is different about him when the Fiend sics him though his body.


Cue a thief that stumbles upon the fight…

As the movie goes on you see Hyakki-maru grow more human like around Dororo, Dororo helping out, laughing with him, angry at him & so many emotions. I wish Dororo 2 & 3 had already come out… From what I can tell these sequels are in limbo.

Overall: Had some good special effects though there were some that were not very believable like the moth & the birds near the end. Loved the comedy that happened when Dororo decided to follow him that was shown. Especially the scene with him growing one of his 5 senses, that was funny. Not really into creepy/horror movies but this one is more light-hearted I believe. That reminds me, the Frankenstein/adopted father uses electricity segment was not very realistic during the time period this was set around.
Also I can relate this movie to InuYasha.
Dororo = Kagome & Hyakkimaru = InuYasha.

Here’s some more screencaps: [Please don’t steal these!]



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