Violinist of Hameln

H0w I found this title: I came across this when I was reading some manga some years back, I picked it up again cause of that new anime coming out very soon that uses music to fight baddies.

Thoughts going into this anime/manga: I should go read some more of this.

I watched only 5 episodes of the anime before I dropped it but I’m pretty far in the manga.

Warning there’s spoiler pirates ahead!

The Manga/Anime: Hameln is on a journey to the north to defeat the mazoku king, using his mothers over-sized violin to attack  mazoku. Though he is far from your typical hero: as he can be very rude, perverted, and cruel. This is his story.

Weak Points: All the comedy! Way too much for my taste. It’s facepalm-I-need-to-skip-pages-bad, which I pretty much don’t do very often. The artwork for the comedy scenes reminds me of Air Gear’s own comedic scenes which I didn’t enjoy either. Some parts they lag on for a while & others they go too fast. It only took them about 30 chapters maybe if I’m remembering it right to find out about Hameln’s heritage that he keeps hidden.

Strong Points: The storyline pretty good, I enjoy the character growth/back-story throughout the manga. Romance was good also.

Why Dropped: Too much comedy, mind you I have a love/hate relationship with this title.

Would Like This Anime/manga If You Enjoy:

  • Senhime Zesshou Symphogear [Anime]: Not out yet/very little info but two girls are using their musical abilities to fight against evil. More sci-fi & fanservice from what can be gleaned from so little information. There’s no pv out yet for it either.
  • Air Gear [Both]: Only because of the comedic scenes they use often in this.

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