Before I forget~

Happy New Year!

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything. Currently I’m playin a ds game my friend got me hooked on to play with her. Short little blurb coming soon!

Upcoming & Notes:

I may do a review on an older episode of Kamen Rider Fourze cause it was that good when I watched it RAW.

Suite PreCure last episodes are questionable, still not sure how I feel about Smile PreCure.

Does anyone want me to do more episode reviews on Animal Detectives? I did put that in hiatus but I still like the series.

Ultraman Dyna has been Dropped. I am not reviewing anymore episodes because Asuka turns me off and annoys me from watching. I watched it RAW near  the end but it’s still not something I enjoyed.

I may re-watch Ultraman Mebius/Moebius again for the 3rd-4th time and do some episode reviews.

More Icons maybe in the future! I hope to do some more Kamen Rider or start some Sentai ones.

The new Ultraman series I may watch depends on how Asuka [Dyna] acts. If he will act a goofball like in Dyna, then no but if he acts similar when he was in Ultra Galaxy Movie then maybe.

Lookin forward to watchin some new animes/ova/specials like Black Jack, [DOT] Hack://The Movie, Detective Conan [Kaito KID’s Special]

That reminds me I ordered Detective Conan Season 3 Box set & Movie [The Holmes one] cause I love me some Heiji. Maybe do some episode reviews?

Also SunCoast/FYE by me was closing and selling their dvd’s at a discount. Very happy my friend Jord called to tell me about this. I got The Time Warrior & Terror Of The Autons, both the 3rd Doctor’s stories, now on dvd. Looking forward to watchin these with my whovian friend when she comes down for I-Con.


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