Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light

My friend got me into this. I came over one day to give her something & we started to play this at the same time. Now mind you I avoid FF titles cause most of them are not turn based & are button-mashing. The only button mashing game I truly enjoyed is a classic. Ever played Legend Of The Dragoon for the original Playstation? Someone keeps on asking to sell it but I can’t cause then I can never play that game again cause the rehash I’ve been told stinks.  The only other rpg game similar to 4 Heroes is My World, My Way. Though I have enjoyed Radiant Historica a lot. I would have never have picked up nor played this game if not for my friend Wen.

I must say the graphics reminds me of Animal Crossing when you walk around with the scenery/buildings fading out/in. It gains a point there. The only bad point we’ve noticed is that level grinding takes so darn long. Take the Witch/Dragon at the start of the game. Both of us died twice and by shear luck we both beat her after grinding for a while. Also if you play wireless games & have enough points for the swords at the very beginning it’s kind of cheating in a way since the swords are much stronger then what you get so far in the game. My friend dislikes Aria cause she’s annoying. I don’t mind the characters right now.


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