Kill Me Baby – 01

Now I’m not much into Comedy or even 4Koma stuff cause I don’t even get Helitalia jokes. Now I have reviewed anime that I tagged comedy but the lone anime that had made me laugh was Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu + Purezza.

So here goes!
Down the rabbit hole called KMB I go!


What was the point with Yasuna [Or High School girl as I call her] speaking German? Would have rather heard it maybe in Japanese. The only thing I can think of she has some German roots or she’s really random that way, I really hope they clear that up.

The scene where Yasuna is tryin to say good morning to Sonya-chan and she breaks her wrist. They needed to redo that whole scene or something. Does not flow & seems choppy.

Cockroach scene: Sonya-chan looks like a cockroach on the wall does she not?
First thought going through my head when I first saw that scene.

Most of the other scenes besides Kyuubey were really boring for me cause I don’t get them.

Bottom Line: Probably going to be dropped, since this anime’s structure or layout reminds me so far very similar to Helitalia. I would almost call it a carbon copy. I’ll give it another go but if it follows the same layout as episode 1 I’m really dropping it. I got my toku of Gokaigers & Fourze this weekend finally, I get to see more Kamen Rider Meteor so I needed something to hold me over.

Watched the music video to this before the actual opening. It’s just weird.
[I should explain it’s weirder then Animal Detective’s MV POO meaning “Crabs”in Thai. If I remember correctly, it was about the singers having dreams and they just kept on seein’ crabs with big claws. They were worried that meant they would stay single .]

Here’s the music video of it

First thought: What did I just watch?

Now the actual op… It was peculiar also but what caught my eye was the “English” subs for it at some parts.
Yasuna must like interjecting other languages when she speaks or something cause the “wasa wasa” part is in Spanish. [You can click-through to see the subs bigger]

Ending: Much better, the lyrics made more sense with what the summary of the anime is about.

Here’s some screencaps I have from this episode.

  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket


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