Tokusatsu Soda Cans

Ever seen these?

This was a total first for me. Found them at Hicksville’s Hanyang Mart in the soda/drinks aisle.

The Kamen Rider ones [Top left 2] are Cider flavor, The Super Sentai [Ones that have a number on them] are fruit flavored. Sorry I forgot to check the Ultraman ones [The last 2 on the bottom right]

Those who don’t know what they are:
[I am not 100% certain on some or have no clue]
From top left to bottom right:
 Bee Woman from Classic Kamen Rider/Kamen Rider Decade Movie War, Some Kamen Rider Suit [I don’t know who’s], Gorenger Villain, Midorenger, Momorenger, Akarenger [All from Gorengers], Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Belial.


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