Friend’s Thoughts that I agree with [Fourze]

My friend has this idea that It would be funny if Ryusei’s friend who is still hospitalized turns out to be the aries zodiarts. 

Another fellow Toku Tumblr replied with this:  That would troll ryuusei if he is the aries and I think it would hurt him as well seeing he really cares a lot for that friend of his.

What do you guys think about this idea?

Personally I think that’s an interesting way to lead into that Ryusei’s really Meteor. I mean we just got a new Zodiart.


4 thoughts on “Friend’s Thoughts that I agree with [Fourze]

  1. that would be fantastic if that were to happen, it would really be a punch of irony if Ryussei’s friend turns out to be a Zodiart of any kind, but being Aries would be ultimately poignant given his whole development so far has been for his friend

    • It would be & maybe break down some of the barriers Ryussei put up around him. Right now though I’m not feeling this whole cycle through the Zodiarts. Cause now there’s a new Zodiart in the mix one of the Zodiarts we were introduced to before is in danger.

      • the whole show seems set up to cycle around the Zodiarts, as the KR club grows in power the will be replaced with stronger ones, so there’s probably never more then 4 of them around at any one time until the end of the series where they’ll either all team up or quickly get killed off until only the most powerful are left

      • My thoughts exactly. I still think we’ll see the inside of the dark nebula in the future. I do like how we still don’t know who Virgo is.

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