Still here

I’m hoping to write-up a condensed review of GoBusters episode 1 & 2 [I haven’t watched 3 yet] since I’m behind. I wanted to co-write the review with my good friend who I invite over to my house to watch some Super Hero Hour before we go to Anime Night. He’s not right now updated on Fourze yet [Waiting for batch files from T-N] so I can’t watch Fourze. I hope to get it done so I can bother my friend to accept the invite so he can write his 2-cents in.

Other things:

I started drawing again, I hope to scan my latest project & try out a new program.

This morning on Long Island it was a bit drizzly, but it should dry out so I hope to go out to a local park today with family. Haven’t biked in a while, I’m more of a roller-skater. Probably going to bring my DSLR again with me and do a photo post maybe if I get any shots I enjoy.


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