Kamen Rider Fourze – 28

Starts off with what we already know & we see some growth. Oh and Gentaro learns a bit more about Ryuusei. Cancer really needs to know his place, cause he’s such a troll. There’s even a video made of him trolling. 
Note: When they say soul I use the term bioenergy.

Opens with Mag state not doing any good against supernova cancer & Tachibana cuts off ties with Ryuusei. Of course Cancer can’t support that form, so Virgo has to go save him. Just to make it more interesting Cancer takes Ryuusei’s bioenergy and gives him a deadline to come meet him.

Cancer is really of his rocker, he’s just crazy. He should be kinder to his elders like Libra, cause it can bite you in the butt after.

Ryuusei and Gentaro have a talk after Gen overhears that Jirou’s not doing to good via Ryuusei’s cell conversation. Ryuusei and Gentaro go to the meeting place and everyone else comes to back them up, trading their bioenergy so Ryuusei can go visit his friend.

During Ryuusei’s visit to Jirou, Tachibana calls Ryuusei. Telling him to make sure he’s at a lighthouse by 4pm, which is the same time he has to be back at the classroom. We see everyone pretty much fail at making Cancer laugh up to Tomoko. Ryuusei arrives and he’s pretty much pissed off at Cancer. We see him not do too well against Cancer until we hear Cancer laugh, learning he had tricked Cancer into laughing. Everyone pretty much runs after Fourze except for Ryuusei who’s learned that Gentaro’s not so different from him.

Ryuusei’s late to the other meeting spot & pours his heart out to Tachibana that he wants to repay the Kamen Rider Club. While Fourze is not doing good against Supernova cancer, Ryuusei finds the Meteor Storm switch hidden away. After Ryuusei has a little chat with Tachibana Ryuusei transforms and goes to help Fourze.

By this time Gentaro breaks his transformation, and the rest of the club is in danger. Enter Meteor who wipes the floor fighting Cancer & Dustards as Meteor state changes into Meteor Storm. Supernova Cancer did not stand a chance.

Libra tricks Virgo that Cancer is just a plain detective since he dislikes Cancer with a passion. So now there’s 2 souls in the Dark Nebula.

Thoughts: Something’s fishy that when Ryuusei’s bioenergy got taken Jirou’s life was in trouble. I wonder if Ryuusei unknowingly is a container for some of Jirou’s soul. Maybe during the time his friend pressed the button on the switch some of his bioenergy inserted itself into Ryuusei. I’m really happy that Cancer is gone now, so many puns & he was just annoying to me. I really enjoyed seeing the Dustards again, I missed them. I do enjoy that we haven’t seen Virgo’s human form yet. Miu’s coat makes her look like she just got out of biology class, and the suit really Shun? Also how did Tachibana know that Cancer wasn’t going to cause Ryuusei/Meteor anymore problems? Is he psychic or something?

Next episode, I wonder why the new girl is good at fighting? Could she be Virgo? Who knows


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