Kiddy GiRL–AND [Blurb Review]

Not something I would watch again, mind you.

When I first watched a few episodes of this series, I had to put it on the back-burner. Too much panty shots and fanservice killed it for me. Very slow to build up and actually gets somewhere by the 9th episode. The eyecatch scenes really do not help, they just bog the episode down.

One thing that confuses me is how does Ascoeur & Q-feuille inherit their sempai’s abilities and Di-air has the abilities of both time and space. Was Di-air sharing her ability with Ascoeur & Q-feuille thus why they gained those abilities?

Seeing Tweedledee and Tweedledum switch bodies was a high point for me, though I wish they used that in the original series.

At the end, we see all the old characters we know and love from the past. Did they just say “heck with it, let’s give them all the old ES members?”

All in all, it was very slow to start, eyecatches were not any good and it’s not something I would like to watch again.


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