Kamen Rider Megamax Thoughts [Warning Spoilers]

And some slight bashing since I’m the minority that wasn’t thrilled with the movie.

Felt this wasn’t their best team-up they have done. The 1st short story with “Eiji” was good until you got to the older riders that seemed to mess up the flow of the movie for me. And I’m not keen on how short their stories were. I did like how they brought the movie exclusive riders in the last part. That was quite different. They just seemed to inch the movie flow along until Eiji shows up to Gentaro then it just picked up the pace.

I would give it a 3.5/5 not the best movie. They stuffed too much in 1:35 mins &  the stories were way too short. I did like the OOO & Fourze mini chapter. [But did they really have to use EVERY SINGLE move known to the riders? That felt very forced.] Wonder why they couldn’t get Accel in this? They had the alt. riders from OOO help out.


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