Kamen Rider Wizard – 3 [Musings]

Just some musings on Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 3 overall:

  • Haruto sure isn’t shy about running after someone if they are in danger that’s for sure.
  • Kind of quick to already see all regular forms Wizard takes.
  • I’m curious if every time a ring is used to save someone their ability to use magic now blocked?
  • So many wives Haruto has now….
  • Just noticed that with Shunpei who is now Haruto’s 3rd marriage = 3rd episode.

Have the feeling the Phantom in Haruto is going to act up near the end like how Eiji started to become a Greeed.

Screencaps with my notes under the cut!

Haruto seems to have a hard time conversing well with others.

Guess this Phantom is our 2-part Phantom arc?

Interesting backstory we get there with how they met Shigeru Wajima.

Haruto’s not testing out this new ring now? Looks like a Dragon on the ring.

That made me laugh that he apologized after he made the officer fall asleep

Yeah, Shunpei didn’t you think that was too good to be true.

Scrying anyone?

Just have to try the new ring in a pinch?

Water beats fire any day.

Did they re-use the Planetary Bookshelf from Double in this? Quite similar.

Giant foot anyone?

Miu doesn’t look the least bit happy now….


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