P4A – Extra Episode/True Ending Musing

Never have I been so disappointed w a extra episode that I just want to sweep it under the rug & say it never existed.

Out of all the episodes I’ve seen of P4A, Ep 27 the true end was terrible in the way of storytelling.

They kept on jumping every which way.

Really made a mess, if I had not read about the true ending I think I may have been really confused over what the heck was going on.

There was one scene that made me understand why  they were re-living that one scene over & over but only slightly.

I’m sorely disappointing with the extra/true ending for such a great anime like Persona 4: The Animation.

Oh here’s a deranged Yuu for you all.

Not worth watching most of the episode besides the end/goodbye bit.


2 thoughts on “P4A – Extra Episode/True Ending Musing

  1. I felt the same when I watched this “true ending”. The serie was OK with it, in fact, I trully enjoyed the jokes and the drama (even if it was a bit forced sometimes).
    Nice blog you have.

    • Thanks, I keep forgettin to do blurbs & musings about anime/toku things I’m watching.
      Wonder how they will do P4: Golden anime coming soon. Hopefully not a whole clean slate.
      I’ve never played any persona games besides readin the manga(s) that are translated.

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