Musings on 2 android games

Ever since I got a tablet I’ve had my eye on a certain game called Fantasica. For someone who is not much of a gamer this is fun. And have also gotten into another game by the same people called Blood Brothers.
Also selling some 4* cards, names of the cards are below the cut.

The artwork for most of the older cards are done by one who has also done Final Fantasy artwork. I feel it makes me closer to my 2 closest friends that are almost like sisters to me. I know husbands and wife’s both playing this game. Some of the events can be a bit annoying though the only event out of the few they did was this tower one.

Anyone who does play, I’m currently selling some cards from the “It came from Halloween” event. My username is Nazo400 for both games. (Subject to change)

All at level 1 unless stated: (they are all 4*)
Traum, Raumur, 2 Ruya and level 21 Drea

Tried to get others to play Blood Brothers but the artwork isn’t their tastes and it’s vampire-related.

Not very crazy about some of the artwork but I’m quite interested in the storyline as yo u go from area to area. Much easier to get rare cards since you can get silver or bronze coins to raise familiars from the dead.

The 2 downsides to this game is the events aren’t as good and the wait time to move around a board/path. The only event I came back every time I completed a level was the 1st one that I ever did. The last quest they had with towers didn’t feel fair, you had to be really high just to get far in the beginners tower. Now for walking around the path waiting 2 hrs just to refill the walking gauge puts a big damper on this.


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