HyperDimension Neptune “MK+V” – The Animation 1

Note I’ve seen pretty much all the cutscene videos of Hyper Dimension Neptune & some of MK & Victory so I have an idea of the games.

I’m writin this review more biased in the beginnin as if you’ve never really played any of the games. And some screencaps were taken on my tablet thus the black bar at the bottom of some.

1st title page

Would like to explain why it’s titled Hyper Dimension Neptune “MK+V” – the animation, if your familiar with the original game they never talk about any of the cpu’s havin sisters. In MK you have the sisters, and in V or Victory pretty much all the baddies in the anime we’ve seen so far in the opening [Besides Arfoire who also appears in the first game]. 

So if you enjoyed the animated version the storyline in the original game may confuse you instead since the original has a different storyline. In the original game pretty much Neptune or NepNep has amnesia and Histoire or Histy is captured by Arfoire.

From the first episode most of this seems to be goin by it’s own script besides the whole “we don’t need CPU’s” brigade goin around spreadin pamphlets by a clumsy, shy, women. If this follows somewhat Victory, she’s a important character to keep in the back of your mind.


The jokes felt dull to me and not very funny as if they didn’t translate well from the games.

Here’s links to 2 parodies/gamer jokes I found funny in the games I posted a while back on my Instagram. [Princess Peach parody] & [Gamer Joke]

The joke or joke(s) taken in the screenshots didn’t make me laugh, just stared and thought “oh they threw in a joke/NepNep bein funny”. I was waitin for some good jokes to come but never saw any.


Looks like they carried over Green Heart’s bouncing boobs every time she moves.
Story-wise so far, I have no idea more interested in the jokes then the story. Only watchin this for the laughs which so far there were none.

Please enjoy the last few screencaps:

 photo vlcsnap-2013-07-14-00h06m39s251.png
 photo Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-39-45.png
 photo Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-41-15.png
 photo Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-45-02.png
 photo Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-47-45.png


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