Happy 2014! [What I’ve been up to]

Well! I hope everyone had a good new years.
Right now it’s freezing outside.

Thought I would talk about a really neat con I went to for its 1st time.

LI WHO or Long Island Who.

Ok, to those who do not know, I’m a pretty big Whovian [Likes Doctor Who] so I was thrilled for the 1st Doctor Who Convention here on the East Coast in ages.

Think Gally One in Cali but on a smaller scale. If you’ve been to I-Con it’s a off-shoot of sort but for Doctor Who.
Definitely a nice little con to go to, even for the older generations.

If it’s the rude con/or creepers that annoy you never will see that happen here. [Tho I had a sour grape I’ll talk about that later]

Everyone is so kind, you can sit and chat to anyone. I was chatting with a lovely older women who was making a tom scarf while waiting around. So many people making Tom Baker scarfs there. I don’t think I’ve seen so many people making scarfs in one place!

The sellers there were really cool to look around at their wares, even had some artists there. Bought a car decal & a Pixel Tardis.
Don't Look Away!

The guests, everyone I think had a ball. Frazer never did stop calling the con Long Island Ice Tea Con I think the whole time. (Anyone got a number? I heard 51)

The hotel? Small but works out. Maybe next time better warmer weather for outdoor shoots. Loved that there was a public microwave for everyone. The dance/karakoke thing was terrible…. Half the time the tempo was wrong or the lyrics were wrong.

There were wonderful cosplays roaming around! Ones you would not see like an old Cyberman & his kids, 4th, Romana, Wedding Gown Donna Noble, & Sarah Jane (Complete with Sonic Lipstick!).


My only sour grape was this really nice one cosplayer I noticed. I was sitting in the lobby chatting with lovely friends and I had gotten up in a rush to go up to the gentleman for a photo. All I gotten was “nvihebnfugyebvi” & he walked away…. Yeah. Heard later that same guy repeated what someone said in a “sing-song” annoyed voice. If you didn’t want your photo taken at least talk sense & not brush someone off so rudely. (Friends even asked what just happened after I asked the guy for a photo)
Personally if I wasn’t in full cosplay or one really wanted my photo I would tell them I’ll be wearing this all 3 days don’t worry. Or if I could jump in the photo.

Best two moments: Playing 500 miles on the Jukebox after the con ended & the con workers were singing along from their table across the bar.
Frazer running away when I took my mask off after he asked what I look like under the mask.

Here’s too LI WHO 2 in 2014!

Here’s a few other photos!



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