Blue Man Group & Adventures in NYC

Back again!

Had gotten my hands on an Amazon deal last month for 35% off tickets to see Blue Man Group, which was really exciting since I’ve never seen them. The closest thing would be STOMP.

Also the only place you can hear a train conductor say the following:

Started our trip w taking my mom out to the HighLine since I’ve gone on it twice and loved walking it.
Easy trip out to the top part if you are starting from Penn Station.

When we finally got there my mom kept on pointing out the weird buildings to me as if I’ve never been on the High Line. It was fun to walk, but busier than last few times I’ve been there due to havin bad weather these last few days.

Bought some ice cream sandwiches that were good: Red Velvet w cream cheese ice cream & cinnamon ice cream between snicker-doodle cookies.

After enjoyin the High Line [Definitely want to go again.] we hopped on the L line. Due to comin all the way from other side we walked pretty far after gettin off at Union Square. [If we were not in a rush I would have liked to pick up some wipped maple & maple cotton candy]

After walkin a while and tryin to avoid the parade that was goin on nearby we made it. Picked up our tickets and looked for someplace to get something to drink. Thankfully there’s a Walgreen nearby & Starbucks.

Recommendation: Get drinks/food beforehand nearby. We had a plastic bag w bottled drinks and a jacket and never asked to look in our bags. If you can, pick up your tickets durin the show before yours or when the show before yours ends.

About the show: Quaint. It was pretty funny w people actually sayin stuff the digital banner/scroll was tellin you to repeat. We had a great view up at  balcony/mezzanine area, row B – Seats 8 & 10. There was some empty seats where we were so wasn’t a packed house. They were pretty entertainin just wasn’t very keen on what I think was canned cheese comin out their shirts & the video down someone’s mouth. My only problem was since the theater is so small parts when the band was playin along I couldn’t hear blue man’s beats. If you have problems with strobe lights wear sunglasses near the end of the show. I got so fed up with the lights at the end I put my sunglasses on.


Note: For bathroom try the library across the way when there’s no intermission or play ending. Or Starbucks. [Due to the parade goin on nearby Starbucks was out of the question]

Here’s some photos from the trip:

Overlookin one of the streetsWeird buildingL-O-V-E?Red velvetCinnimonParade nearbyHow do they stop I wonder?
My ticket


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