Phi Brain s1-3 Thoughts/Blurbs

Welp, took me long enough to start season 3! Been meanin to watch season 3 for a while now.Noticed durin season 3 Kaito’s eyes were not annoyin me anymore. When I started watchin, the way the eyes was drawn was a big downer for me. [See my thoughts on 1st episode] Now I don’t even notice.

Season 1: Tryin to get their footin most of the time.
Season 2: Makes fun of itself, still a bit uneasy near the end
Season 3: Wraps most of the loose ends

Season 2 was pretty funny how at the end all the character’s make fun of Kaito for his signature.
For the end of Season 3 I was drawing similarities to the last episode of Bakuman or Yu-Gi-Oh GX where the main character leaves for a journey on his own.

My few gripes about Season 3:

  • Took them 3 seasons to give Gammon a Orpheus bangle that he breaks right away
  • Rook never explains why Freecell was needed after Rook got interrupted. Rook’s right hand man did say he couldn’t help in the pyrimd. Only thought is that only 2 who were children of Phi Brain were able to do so.
  • Turnin out Orpheus and Jin were actually 1 mind? All this tryin to free Jin from Orpheus was just a sham? Just gave a small explanation and called it a day…

Good Points about Season 3:

  • Somewhat of a closing for the side/anti-heroes/old foes characters from the past
  • Wrapped some lose ends for characters and storyline
  • Nonoha actually completes a puzzle

-Photos to be added later-


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