Nintendo E3 thoughts

Back story w my gamin before jumpin into E3. I’m not much of a gamer, button mashin or multi-player games are not my forte. All I own is a DS Phat [classic DS] & a Wii. Even with Wii the only 2 big games I play sometimes is Just Dance 3 & Dokupon Kingdom. [Do look into gettin this title if you like Mario Party party games. I get ganged up upon every time I play w friends w all the laughs] For DS that’s a whole other can of games, only beaten 2 games out of many I own. One being Arkanoid DS [Both levels] and Soma Bringer [Had some help there]. Games like Soma Bringer or Tales of Series I get bored real easily if I have to roam rooms/areas thus what happened near the end of Bringer. I have played Legend of the Dragoon for PSX which I loved. Now to jump into E3 thoughts.


Can we just talk about Splatoon! or as I call it Squid Wars? First time seein the little clip,thought it was pretty interesting. But then saw the demo of it got hooked & definitely could see myself playin that. Even though I’ve never played a shooter kind of game. Bayonetta 2 looks fun not sure if I would actually play a game like that but looks cool. The only thing Xenoblade Chronicles X had goin was the wonderful art and detail into the landscape. Yoshi’s Woolly World looks cute, may actually play that one within reason. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse looks nice artwise, but not my kind of game. Amiibo’s hopefully will not cost an arm & leg for reasons I’m not gettin into. Pushmo looks pretty fun to play wonder why I’m only hearin about this collection of this title now since was also a 3ds game.


Fantasy Life Level-5 just killin it on art and cute characters. Reminds me of Animal Crossing so wonder how much this will be different. Codename S.T.E.A.M. meeh, definitely not my kind of game. Artwork is bit odd for me probably cause I’m not a big comic person. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright will be a big hit for my friends, know that much. On-wards to the one thing I didn’t talk about, Smash Bro’s for both consoles. I’ve played Super Smash Brother’s Melee in the past as Mewtwo and beaten my friend on a stroke of pure luck with me just random button mashing. So, nope not in my line of sight do to doin poorly on those kind of games.


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