If I could only go to 1 local con…

My choice would have to be… Dun dun dun!

Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!

LI Who/Long Island Who!

It’s a small local Whovian convention here on Long Island on it’s 3rd year. These past 2 years it’s been at a smaller hotel but this year it will be next to the golf course.

What I loved about it:
I could easily take a break whenever for food by hopping into our room and grabbing something from my food duffel. [See photo] I would always bump into a friend I knew when roaming around, you can’t really roam this con alone. The guests are so nice! You could chat with them and strike up a conversation. I actually gave Mr. Tony Lee a Pudsey fanart I whipped up for him. [Article on how Pudsey saved his life] Terrance Dicks looked very surprised when he looked up and saw me as Scarecrow. It was pretty funny I heard for the movie panels. Loved meeting one of the guys who worked on “The Forgotten” graphic novel as it’s one of my personal favorites. (Also written by Tony Lee) You could definitely see the most interesting cosplays! I saw a Slab enjoyin the con with her son, Yeti, Dorium, Fem! cosplaysIris Wildthyme & Salamander. It’s really laid back and comfy. The black wood blocks made their appearance again! [SJA & River Song] It was pretty funny to see them disappear and reappear somewhere else randomly.

Iffy Parts:
Ribbon hunters, I wasn’t that keen on them around. I didn’t understand why all the tables & chairs were put away durin the karaoke. Didn’t help very well. But I did get silly stuff like this: Sonic Waving & 500 miles. Sadly my phone didn’t get it but my friend started running towards me with a silly scared face on and I started cracking up laughing so hard right after the 500 Miles video. The worst thing was being sick almost the whole time besides the last day. My nose was a mess and I had to be careful of anything I took if it was drowsy. Didn’t make for a fun time for the little I could wear my scarecrow mask.

I would totally go back again next year.

Here’s some photos from last year. If you want to see more just check my Facebook page!
All the photos are click-through to a larger photo.

2nd being silly 2 times the 2nds! Line sign up for karaoke
  The TRV
Classic Cyberman vs Ace   Overlookin everyone

If you could go to only 1 local con what would it be?


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