Thoughts on Show By Rock!! 6 & 7

So much fun watching this! One of the few anime series I look forward to gettin the music tracks. It’s very odd for me to do so.Let’s start with my thoughts on the 2 different character styles they use in every episode. Note: Chibi = Myuumon. I’ve been thinkin, what if the humanoid versions are what everyone sees each other as & the chibified is what everyone actually looks like. You really don’t see people in chibi form when characters are talking besides the preview talk and the alternative zone. It’s a interesting art concept style to use that I find doesn’t take away from the anime too much. Confuses me still on who’s who when they chibify especially for Shingan Crimsonz I only can tell 2 characters, Crow & Yaiba.

I guess in a way this anime is like Digimon but only Cyan gets dragged into another world. Normally most music-themed anime don’t interest me. (I’m lookin at you 200%) but there’s enough storyline for me to keep watchin and the catchy tunes help.

Do hope Shingan Crimsonz does somethin besides being comedy relief and the source of humor in the series. Most of the scenes they seem to have a comedic element in it. For example when Mr. Berry started talkin Shingan Crimsonz freaked out especially Crow and then when they all got sucked into the alternative world they all were on top of each other like a totem pole. The show used Shingan Crimsonz’s to a high comedic effect in episode 6 to offset the deary mood set by the girls. Hope we see them grow up out of their comedic roles next episode since Aion is all weird now.

The Cristicrista seem very heads in the clouds and out of touch. Maybe grow a backbone and realize somethin is off about their record label?

This is finally one series I can’t wait for the next episode!

Prediction ending: Cyan has to leave to go home to her world and she finally has to courage to reach out to the band club. Turns out the band club look similar to her friends in Plasmagica.


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