Puzzle n Dragons Z Thoughts

 I played the demo & enjoyed it. I play a few games like this for example: Doctor Who: Legacy @DoctorWhoLegacy and Monster Match and some other japanese games. Decided to cave and buy the game. But I wish I bought it via amazon for their download gift instead of the relic.
 Right now I enjoy there’s no waiting to play and it’s all free to play unlike those 2 “free” pokemon games that are out. The storyline in Z seems pretty corny but interesting. Wonder if the choices you make cause anythin to the game later. It’s quite enjoyable somethin that I see myself pickin up and not forgettin or gettin totally bored of it. The Super Mario side, well I don’t think I’ll be playin that. WAY TOO MUCH HAND HOLDING… Wish Z used the turns feature instead of how much Skill gauge points you have. But can’t have everything. I’m in LOVE with the artwork for the creatures. So pretty!

Really feel like I’m playin DWL meets Pokemon ranger series.

Codes: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114532-puzzle-and-dragons-z-puzzle-and-dragons-super/71849441/821738991

Music of the night: Seishun wa NonStop! by Plasmagica & Shingan Crimsonz’s S.C.ISM


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