FC time-Pkmn-Show By Rock update

Just for the curious!

Myst: 2938-9432-2667

Will be enjoyin the Pokemon Concert at Madison Square this saturday! Really can’t wait to enjoy it with friends who I haven’t seen in ages and one who holds my heart. So maybe one of you will pass me there? ;3 I may be wearin a pikachu hat.

Episode 9 of Show By Rock!! WOW, I really hope those girls didn’t die. That was a whut moment. Anyhow what’s with the zoning out/taken over by jelousy bit? Felt like Aion’s whole thing we dealt with last episode but a girl version. I wonder if the person Shu-Zo is hintin about to Rom [Episode 8] is the songwriter that we have yet to see bein held by Dagger? That was definitely a interesting background.

Music of the night: Wake Me Up – (Home Free a cappella cover) [Love this cover] [If interested here’s it in Gaeilge]


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