Pokemon Concert at Madison Square

This is from the entrance from right before Intermission ended! Still wasn’t filled!

Had a wonderful time! [This post has handful of videos & images with video/photos via links]

Only a few bumps like friends decidin to go straight to Madison for bathroom and leavin us wonderin & then every one of our friends decidin to ditch us/not tell us “Oh hey we’re all rushin back to take the train home” before we waited around for them…               
Loved that there was a women conducting the event that was cool! Noticed that when Pokemon used elemental moves that background the game is being shown on gets translated there. For example: Using fire move will make flames show up on the background. Pretty cool seein the big top songs. The extras at the end was the icing on the cake, GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL! and Kelos’s AZ ending song was pretty nice. Even better to get bumped up from 300’s to 200’s, though the concert never filled up the row in front of us was empty put 2 people.

Here’s videos & pictures I took!

——pics below this video & then more videos—-

Gotta catch them all! #pokemonConcert #gottaCatchEmAll #pokemonsymphony #pokemon

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#pokemonConcert #pokemonCenter #music #concert #pkmn #pokemon

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Idk this song but hey. #Kalos #pokemonConcert #pokemon #PokemonSymphony

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#Pokemon! #pokemonConcert #nyc #mst #newyorkcity #pkmn

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Pokemon/Pocket Monster Songs of the day:
Opening 1 [Movie ver] |Hi-Touch | Get Fired up, Spiky-eared Pichu! |


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