BLIND – Korean Thriller movie thoughts.

Bit out of the norm of a regular thriller, with the main girl being blind. Love that they show her as a regular human being who also has old demons and overcomes them. The lead detective doesn’t dismiss her as a witness just because she’s blind, he talks with her as almost her sidekick. Awesome build-up with the subway scene. THAT DOG, WHY WHY WHY?!?! TT_TT -sobs- I never quite understood why they went to the orphanage after that. Feel so bad for the lead detective after everything. Another scene that felt weird was the scene where all it took was a brick to the face to kill the unsub. “Ok we gave you a really long chase scene in the house so we’ll give you a really short KO for the unsub.” Loved how after all of this the two of them bonded a year later. Whenever I re-watch this I feel like I’m watchin Memento [Another of my favorite movies]. DO watch if have a chance~ It’s on youtube subbed if you know what to search under.

Another thriller I enjoyed: Howling [2012] also Korean

Music of the day: Eric Church – The Outsiders


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