Digimon Re:Digitalize recruitment help for others

Currently enthralled by Digimon Re:Digitalize since the full translation is out.

I’ve been workin on editing/addin notes to a 3yr old translation guide spreadsheet that was out.

I’ll do a blurb thing soon about the game & link the guide and help links again.

Guide/spreadsheet with my edits/notes to help with recruiting. 

I’ll probly change the url doc or copy it & get rid of the color notes I have for myself

Original link to the spreadsheet from 3yr old archived topic

I also listed the help guides/notes I’ve been using to edit this like:
Facebook fan group note & comments on there | GameFAQs Boards

I’m doin this on my own time since I know a few friends would be happy to have this so I decided to share it. I do not claim the spreadsheet I merely added on and updated it. Credit and such is still there. I also put if I came across a bug via one of the digimons.

Music of the day: Piano Lessons by Porcupine Tree & Godspeed by Anberlin


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