God Eater 01 anime thoughts

Hmmmm, just hmmm. NOTE: I’ve never played God Eater but watched Burst cutscenes on youtube. So I have some backstory. I would love to play any God Eater but anythin that doesn’t have turn fighting I don’t have the dexterity for.So far it’s already gone a different route from the God Eater: Burst. If it’s believed to actually be a adaption of that specific game. Lindow and Soma don’t meet Lenka to find out he’s a new type/recruit in the anime. Though Lenka fights to save Eric/Eric gets into a pickle and Soma’s welcomin word are in both versions. Though so far in the anime looks like he’s goin to live… We’ll see next episode. The animation is pretty nice, I mean yes it’s different. It’s not fully anime lookin but still has a gamin quality to it while still containin some anime style. The style may not be for everyone but I can’t wait for the next episode! Lookin forward to it!

Music of the day: Origin: Spirits of the Past Music Video set to We Are by Ana Johnsson


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