Digimon Re:Digitalize thoughts so far

Great game!
My only problem is how repetitive and recycling of images used. You can see this used quite a bit in the coliseum. It’s a bit open world which is nice. Wish there was a map key guide like 7th Dragon 2020 (Psp definitely go play this) had. That would help when you’re looking at the full map. Doesn’t feel like the main emphasis is grinding up or search for x number of items in this area like Soma Bringer (DS). Right now I’m having problems finding these “pretty starfish” I’m supposed to be able to pick up… Actually got further in this game then Digimon Adventures (Psp). It is definitely a game to try out! I’ll probably do another thoughts of this game whenever I get further in this game.

Music of the day: Butter-Fly – Digimon Adventures Opening (8 bit) & A World For Us All – Digimon Frontier Opening (8 bit)


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