Dennou Boukenki Webdiver – 12 episodes in Thoughts

Or as I call it, “How may episodes till your Dad notices somethin’s up?”

Hahaha, yeah goin old school mecha from the 2000’s. The raw episodes are all up on youtube and as of 7/15/15 there’s 12 episodes subbed. Normally I don’t do corny mecha animes but it’s very similar to Rockman series. I mean the main character Kento has the spike hair look. They sure use a few troupes here, like give blond hair to the main non-Japanese person. Though I don’t understand why they didn’t give the other characters they touched upon who are from France also blond hair, heck Jean’s fencin “rival” doesn’t even have blond hair!. I wish they gave Jean and all the people in France normal lookin ears not elf ones also.

Kento’s father, Taketo Yuuki, and Dr. Arisugawa never seem to put two and two together yet over why Gladion is fightin some of these fights. I love that Aoi is such a nerdy girl who can keyboard and be all techy to help and not be totally Damsel in Distress all the time. She gets her time to shine. I haven’t seen much one-on-one character showin besides Aoi and the few scenes we see with Jean though he’s in France. I would love to see more character doin somethin by him/herself or where Kento’s other friends do somethin important without Kento. Loved how Garyun is all secretive after he gets defeated that you know somethin is happenin in the background when he appears as static. It’s pretty cool that they do show that Jean lives in another country with the newspaper is in French.

If don’t mind the campy-ness and the elf ears on a few character’s it’s good.

Music of the day: Cupid Review music video short by Aoi Yuuki [If Your flag breaks opening]


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