Jewelpet Deco Thoughts 7 EPs in

Uh, why am I watching this? Oh yeah because…
Well it’s a Jewelpets series.
The Crew

I do like that so far Red isn’t the main character of the human group. Though this is a female oriented series. I mean we have yet to see a Red featured only episode, it’s nice that they don’t throw all of the centered episodes at you. The last one was light. Pretty cool that Pink changes outfit every episode. Meaning an actual day went by, though none of the other Deco5 have changed. The whole premise of the series is sadly on the loony side. Disco dance mirror ball, Seriously? Some of the other JewelPet series had better premises! Some of the miss-heard word/phrases puns/jokes slightly go over my head but it’s still watchable. Just caught up with Blood Blockade and waiting for the final to air.

Here’s some KuraYami [Dark Bear?] the antagonist lackey for you.
He's full of darkness cause he never deco'd his phone?
Dark, dark, dark, dark-

Music of the day: Dream5 / ようかい体操第一<体操ビデオ> or Youkai Watch ed 1


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