The Magician and the Princess of the Mist Cage manga Thoughts

Also called: Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai ; The Magician and the Princess of the Mist Cage ; The Princess of the Mist Cage and The Magician. Sometimes in the story they call the moody Wizard Nabelhaut as Nabel, in this I’m goin to try to stick to his full first name.

Edit: I just found out NESUMI Chisato has a tumblr with wonderful sketches/drawings. They are so pretty, here’s one of Sti and Nabelhaut!

The biggest draw I have to works by Nesumi Chisato is the beautiful art coloring used in most of the scenes. I don’t know many manga’s that use watercolor. The watercolor works extremely well for The Magician and the Princess of the Mist Cage, and many of her works use it. One of my other favorites by her is CrookClock. I enjoyed that the comedic parts didn’t feel forced into the flowing story, especially when each chapter is pretty self contained. Sti that cute fairy she grows quite a bit at the end as does Nabelhaut. It shines when Sti stands her ground against moody Nabelhaut or goes to find a flower for him. It’s a bit sad Schreier, the main comedic relief didn’t get much character development. I mean even the enchanted candelabra Kerze achieves this. On the upside most of the characters we meet or have interacted deeply with Sti or Nabelhaut appeared more then once. She didn’t drop characters off into the great unknown. I truly wish this series was longer but I’m happy this was extended past the point where no one was exactly sure if it had ended or not. If this or a few of her other series gets translated I would very much go out and buy them.

Do check out: CrookClock [Another short read that’s especially too short but funny. Jill is very much Sebastian from Black Butler] and Jauhara Genya. The others are good reads also!

Biggest draw: Use of watercoloring

Weak point: Schreier gettin no real character development that I could tell.

Favorite part: The potion chapter and Schreier smashin through the tower walls as usual. It wasn’t Schreier if he didn’t wreak a tower wall or some other wall. He was very much Ace from Alice in the country of series by QuinRose.

Music of the day: Paperthin Hymn & Feel Good Drag both by Anberlin


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