A little update!

I just started being a lovely member at NetGalley if you have not noticed for the short The Mutts review I did. For those who don’t know it’s a site where you can review upcoming books. I’ll try to share most of the reviews on here.

Also will list some similar books if I can think of any with links to either the author’s site/amazon/FicFact while also givin music that I think will go good with the book. It could even be somethin that’s sung or mentioned in the book.

I’m hopefully goin to put 1 up every Tues or every 2 weeks or more, I haven’t figured out a posting schedule for these posts. Or a few days before the book is out to the public. I may do non netgalley book reviews sometimes as you noticed for Justice for Mackenzine by Susan Stoker title. They will all be tagged NetGalley and under the Netgalley category.

All book-related reviews/thoughts will be under the Reading Catagory, this includes manga/manhwa, graphic and NetGalley.

I do not make money off these reviews, just doing honest reviews and thoughts as a bookworm who loves to read.


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