Matt: Tales of the Were by Bianca D’Arc

Title: Matt: Tales of the Were
Series: Redstone Clan Book #5
Author: Bianca D’Arc

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Published: August 18, 2015

Blurb: Matt Redstone met Morgan Chase just once, but he’s never forgotten the lovely Florida panther shifter. He just can’t figure what it is about her that intrigues him so.
A man who frightens her, but makes her want to forget all her fears…
Morgan doesn’t want to work with Matt, but she has a job to do, and she’s nothing if not professional. A lone shifter brought up by a vampire Master, she has deliberately distanced herself from other shifters for most of her life.

Thoughts: Couldn’t wait for this title since we got to see Morgan in Sweeter Than Wine. Seemed a bit rushed with Cam showin up just the right time. I mean they’ve been thrown out Lumiere loads of time unlike earlier books. Wish Duncan & Dante showed up maybe since they’re my favorite characters out of this series. Sad will have to wait till 2016 for more of this series. Needed maybe Morgan going to meet the Redstone’s in person but loved how Bianca gave women powerful jobs in a man’s world while still tying into Brotherhood of Blood series. Saddened they gave Matt a out with his accidental connection to Sebastian and Christy given in Sweeter Than Wine. I’m a bit confused with the ending sadly.

Read again and others by her:
Of course! Her stuff is pretty interesting to read since most of hers are all tied together.

Stars: 3.5 due to the weird ending and some swept under the rug stuff

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