Youkai Watch Movie Liveblogging thoughts

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-16-34.png

Would like to point out I’ve never watched/played the games but I have some knowledge of Youkai Watch. Just me live blogging out while watchin the movie so there will be spoiler youkai below the cut!

Hover over the photo or click to read the subtitles in the screencap.

Hahahaha, poor Whisper & Jibanyan gettin hit by a truck mid-sentence! I actually got the humor in that when Whisper said Jibanyan is now a star. Poor Keita gettin chased by a giant cat youkai, and of course it would shock Keita to remember… That always seems to happen in anime when someone loses their memories, as I recall it happenin in Un-Go… Here we go, info about a character and Keita’s grandma hiding something.

What's with the Doraemon act?  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-18-44-59.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-18-49-32.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-18-50-28.png

Wow, Whisper sure is the butt of jokes in this breakin climatic scenes like that name of this friend and throwing back to other anime’s like Doraemon. I really hope they explain the red eyed people and the bear….. Red eyed gorilla? ok then…. Lucky break Kenta tripping. Keizo is pretty silly, thought he took beatin Whisper up a little too far though. Hmmm, Lady Ubauna, I’m guessin that’s the big final boss?

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-18-55-57.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-14-54.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-15-36.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-16-24.png

DA FUNK????? What the heck is with the bear?!? That’s just creepy… Totally being a real pedo bear. Awww, can I just wring Keizo’s neck? Why is he pushin youkai away when they want to be his friend? Who the heck is this beat, they keep on goin on about? So is Lady Ubauna a sham being controlled by the trio? Seems that way… Oh the cloth they used to time travel makes a appearance again, where did it go between the time it appeared and them running? Seems things can just appear out of thin air! Omg, Kamen Guts? Now I know that’s a reference to Kamen Rider or maybe not? Now it’s just gotten weird with the whole beat thing… Wow… nice guys make fun of him when he’s right there! Open your eyes! Whisper… So the fan makes its appearance! Hahaha! Oh goodness, they used music that makes me think they achieved something now.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-18-26.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-35-21.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-36-09.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-38-25.png

Crouching tiger, hidden fist fighting there old man. Well now, time for the bad trio to finally make a appearance to the crew with Ubauna showing up. Oh, well kidnapping was due to happen sometime soon in these kind of movies, I wonder if Keita’s gram is goin to get captured sometime in this movie also. Hmmm, wonder if the creepy pedo bear is actually a youkai and has somethin to do with changin the tide of the big pinch they’re now in. That pedo bear is just plain creepy… Can we please explain the pedo bear already? Well what can you expect Ubauna, you gave them loose terms they had to fulfill, thus they don’t know any better over who they should posses… Oooo, so the trio have been messin with Keizo’s past, bad bad trio.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-41-34.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-48-01.png   photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-49-57.png photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-50-37.png

Uh oh, dark clouds spiraling out from their hideout is never a good thing. No comment about the now shrouded area from Keita or Keizo is sad. Selfish Keizo is selfish. Someone being hanged over a pit of fire, where have I seen this before? Oh from the Layton crossover that Level 5 had a hand in. Hippo? Is Jibanyan that similar sounding? I don’t follow. Turn back time? Now you’re just playin plain dirty trio!

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-56-21.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-59-00.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-03-35.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-04-48.png

Uh what? What the heck pedo bear! Uh, I have no comment here about Ubauna… Oh come on, he’s a main character in this movie on the side of good he has to make it before Fuyunyan get’s crushed. It’s time for Keizo to bawl over Fuyunyan now maybe this will cause Keizo to use the medals? Or heal Fuyunyan? Oooo, wonder how Keita will call since he can’t call them the way he knows in his own time. Well Ubauna they’re more regroupin then actually runnin away. Well, I guess yellin at the top of your lungs works too for callin them. Um is that a Youkai Watch game music goin on now while all of Keizo’s youkai friends are comin out of the woodworks? Oh, the watch came back now that Keizo called out to his youkai friends? Cool, so can they finally kick some butt now? Well of course you forgot about your friend Keita, you had bigger things to do!

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-06-37.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-07-37.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-08-46.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-08-53.png

Keita: Watch with the awesomeness power of the watch I will defeat you! Yeah so that went through my head. Oh Keita’s still dancing with his watch. Just in time Keita, though couldn’t you have done that while outside? Before Jibanyan got burnt bum or lost his drink?

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-09-07.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-09-55.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-11-00.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-12-33.png

Well of course Whisper, that was the whole point of goin back in time… Err, please no hand flappin Keizo while summonin Youkai friends. Oh good, no hand flapping! I like how Keizo’s Youkai friends arrive that’s pretty cool! Oh hey it’s most or all of the youkai shadows we saw earlier in the forest!

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-13-51.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-14-02.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-14-42.png

Awww, Sherbert girl is cute! Uh, I’m not sure what to say about Bikyaku (Leggy youkai), surprised no Tsukumogami made a appearance since most of his are based on lore/fables. Though the only ones I know from his collection of friends is a Yuki-Onna (Sherbert) and a Tengu (the bird).

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-15-19.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-18-10.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-18-42.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-19-16.png

Pedo bear what are you doin now? Uh pedo bear why would you turn the machines on? Oooo, pretty kitsune! Uh pedo bear is a bat now? I really don’t understand pedo bear.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-21-18.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-22-15.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-23-28.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-23-51.png

And ninja and pedo bear do nothing but just hang… Uh what poodle? Of course a ancient warrior’s move is goin to have Japanese when they do a final attack. Hopefully this is it of the trio?

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-25-36.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-27-02.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-30-25.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-38-48.png

I don’t get what is so interestin about the 3rd trio’s name being Dou, is there somethin I’m missing name wise? I know people liked to use parts of numbers in their children’s name as to how they were born. Oh dear not the poison fart again Ubuana. Haha even Jibanyan and Whisper are worried! Seriously, so Ubuana is really a sad soul?

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-40-16.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-41-40.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-42-27.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-45-33.png

Oh dear, I think Ubuana is goin to explode! Maybe even create a mushroom cloud? Or just become a giant snake/human thing, that works too. Well there has to be a solution cause well this is a kid’s show and the good guys always win! Oh it’s power up pink flash time?

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-47-15.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-47-32.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-50-10.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-50-16.png

Err, ok then I guess Jibanyan and Whisper are the comedy in this scene while Fuyunyan gets a real true power up. So is Fuyunyan just a trophy in the background or actually goin to help attack?

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-53-01.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-54-22.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-54-42.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-54-53.png

Oh good, Ubuana is gone for good now? Is everythin over? But at what cost? Will Keizo forget everything? I mean Keita and company did travel through time. Will Fuyunyan leave this world? Fuyunyan was pretty banged up, and we never did learn about pedo bear. Well, we have 10 mins left what’s goin to happen now?

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-55-53.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-56-03.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-56-39.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-58-41.png

Of course he was Keizo, he’s your grandson. “Everyday’s really fun with it!” is that suppose to be part of a song? Ok… why did you get rid of your watch? Keita doesn’t have anyone to give it to… Makes no sense. -silence- The hand flappin thing again now you got everyone doin it Keizo…

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-00-24.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-01-06.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-01-58.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-03-31.png

Oh pedo bear is back again. I KNEW IT!! Grams knew somethin related to her husband Keizo and youkai watch! Awwwwwww, promise that surpasses time! Hmmmm, is that Fuyunyan’s metal?

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-06-41.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-06-35.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-06-54.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-08-04.png

Or that thing with the cape we saw near the beginning? Haha! the spheres on the edges of Grams glasses also work like the watches lens! Allowing her to see Whisper and Jibanyan. I KNEW IT! that black caped is related to Keizo!

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-09-09.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-09-34.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-13-40.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-13-54.png

Uh so is this ending supposed to be some sort of melody thing where all the songs that have been used in the anime are thrown together in the movie ending? Interesting way to use the baddie minions in the ending to pick up the medals when they fall on their side.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-14-34.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-14-55.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-15-30.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-17-26.png

Oh hey look it’s black cape and Grandma! Omg what?!?! Are they seriously doing Star Wars now?

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-18-53.png

Hmmm, movie part 2? Not sure how they can make movie 2 work with movie 1.

Ending thoughts: Wish they explained the pedo bear, really made no sense. Loved how we find out at the end that Grams could see youkai, wish black cape made a appearance to his grandson. The handflappin pose was just weird. It would be awesome if they connected this with the anime and have Fuyunyan show up and they talk about Keizo.

Extra screencaps:
 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-18-46-25.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-18-55-22.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-13-51.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-36-29.png
 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-20-54-57.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-05-46.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-10-10.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-11-31.png
 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-20-44.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-20-57.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-21-08.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-23-41.png
 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-38-07.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-38-19.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-45-08.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-46-45.png
 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-49-43.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-50-38.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-51-40.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-55-38.png
 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-57-48.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-21-58-22.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-04-36.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-07-19.png
 photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-07-54.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-14-18.png  photo Screenshot_2015-08-24-22-16-56.png


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