Summer Beach Bride: Seaside Duet by H.Y. Hanna Review

Summer Beach Bride: Seaside Duet (Book 5) ~ Ben & Natalie by H.Y. Hanna

Published: Jul 25, 2015

TitleSummer Beach Bride: Seaside Duet
Series: Summer Beach Vets Book #5
Author: H.Y. Hanna

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Included a 2nd opinion, other similar books & music I think would go good with this book after the cut & thoughts. 

Thoughts: Really cute story! The invite on the first few pages was a nice touch. The Aussie slang confused me but at least for most of the slang they tell you the definition without having to resort to a glossary. The Kangaroo’s was such a cute piece. Has a nice touch of humor. Loved her humor over Vegemite, as I’ve had it before, it’s a really acquired taste. Surprised there was nothing about what Ben thought of Vegemite and there wasn’t much in terms of the wonderful wildlife that exists in Aussie country besides the big excitement with the Kangaroo’s. Even though it’s a standalone I felt you really need to read the bride and groom’s story to really understand this story. The author keeps you on your toes about her aversion to rock stars as you slowly notice her aversion may have something to do with someone of her flesh and blood. Falls into the ex-boyfriend trope with the ex making a fool of himself though. Will soon look for the other titles of this series and maybe more by this writer.

Mom’s opinion: Loved it and is also interested in other titles of this series!

Look for more by this writer: Yes
Stars: 4

Similar books:
Love on Rockwell Island Series
Anything by Bella Andre as a few are about famous people falling in love and dealin with paparazzi.
See The Sullivans or The Morrison’s series by Bella Andre

Links to find this book:
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I do not make money off these reviews, just doing honest reviews and thoughts as a bookworm who loves to read.

Music accompaniment: Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole “Iz

Tryin out a different style for the book review ones.


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