Soul Linker game Thousand Memories translated

 photo 56576105-097f-4b23-b55b-8bca268f514e.png  photo Screenshot_2015-10-23-18-25-32_edit_1445640650498.png.jpeg
EDIT: Has sadly been announced in game news the game is closing in Jan!

Darn you Canadians! You guys have one of my favorite jrpg mobile games in English! Us peons have to side load it~
Soul Linker had a soft launch around September, it’s the English translation of Thousand Memories or Senmo.

Soul Linker ID: 151,136,023 (Leader is 5★)
Senmo ID: 959,168,088 (Leader & 2nd is 5★ right now, I change out with a few different 5★s)

It’s a great game to play in that you get freebies pretty easily. Love the link system. Can’t wait to read info about a character in English cause PLOT TWIST!

There are some glaring drawbacks that I really hope get fixed in tomorrow’s downtime. Note: I call Memoirs returners as called in Senmo.

Some returners have lower stars, quite a few I noticed were 3★ in the English game when I know are really 4★ in Senmo. Also hearing about people getting 2★s from gem pulls! Photos below are some I noted are downgraded in Soul Linker using what returners I have in Senmo.

 photo PhotoGrid_1445639447167.png  photo 0ea0d3dd-5066-435c-bf6c-f3404e9ec504.png photo e1929a30-ebf7-46bb-896a-a21e56d1b452.png  photo b3b3ce98-4fe8-4b7b-9f81-8f216913c305.png

What’s up with changing the abilities of some or all of the returners? A few of the 5★ that I’ve noticed so far have totally different abilities then in Senmo. Take for example Shisui, in Senmo his ability makes all archer/green markers stronger, in Soul Link all he does is change blue & red markers to heart/pink. Arus’s ability was to change all the markers to one color in Senmo unlike Soul Link. Which is really sad and annoying since Arus is a well-sought after returner due to changing all the markers to one color. The skill turns need some nerfting to balance the game.

 photo Screenshot_2015-10-23-18-39-26_edit_1445640832235.png.jpeg  photo e63ffd01-c8ed-4750-ae8f-4ef9b173f986.png

 photo 176b610f-035f-47b8-be88-1834a14f75b0.png

Some of the missions stated don’t exist which is weird, like the witch beginner’s mission.

Also leveling up returners ability is crazy priced to achieve lv 2 ability! 10000? Senmo is only 150!

 photo 5b8a8143-4c94-4ffd-8359-7f63fce94f52.png   photo e9bad3f8-db84-486d-9d7b-2fb1e26b3f5f.png

The new thing in Soul Linker is the ability to pull rare (R) or higher equipment using soul gems.

 photo fe24c624-3f87-4396-b57d-f4f5876b3c71.png  photo 4f6ca24a-5158-4087-b762-b65995f237ab.png

For right now I’m holdin off using any of my google credit. 


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