Ultraman Ginga S Thoughts

Background Info: The only Ultraman knowledge I have is Ultraman Mebius/Moebius series/movie/gaiden, a Gaia movie, Mega Monster Battle & a few other Ultraman ones. I have very very basic knowledge of Ultraman Ginga series as I know that’s a bit different.

Hint it is subbed, sadly there is currently no way to watch Ultra Fight Victory as the youtube videos are all private.

Story Outline: Ginga’s human host Hikaru (Most overused name ever in anime and toku) roams the world seeing sights and someone is taking these blue crystals out of the ground. Turns out there’s people who live underground, the victorians, and their queen decided to appoint a random Victorian guy named Sho to find out and protect the gems. They meet up on the surface, Ginga and Victory fight against each other. Hikaru gets roped into joining the current defence group, UPG, that battles against the Kaiju. After a episode or two they become friends. You watch as Sho strugles to protect the crystals and Hikaru there to provide back-up. Plot twist as usual comes, I will leave it here to keep you in the dark!

Thoughts: Enjoyed that it wasn’t all dark and serious! Mean they had some comedic parts like Gouki storming the “Ichijouji Lab” and about to drag Tomoya on accident when he thought Tomoya was Hikaru, or Gouki’s fear of tomatoes. Felt like I was watching Ultraman Mebius/Moebius meets Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time. Wish Ginga S had more episodes as I would have loved to see more background on the UPG members. The only real background we slightly get is Arisa’s who was totally not a damsel in distress! I mean she freaking fought kaiju robots with one of her arms in a sling! It was nice that some of the side characters or one-offs made more then one appearance especially in what short episode length they had. It was nice to see a old Toku actors back in the toku genre and I keep on thinking Tomoya is Kiva’s actor for some strange reason. Was nice to see Zero One’s actor really play an android well, as her acting with her jerky movements made me really believe she was a android. There is a deeper love for the series if you know some of the monsters that show up like Yapool who always seems to make a appearance every series causing trouble. I may have to watch the regular Ginga series soon to get a deeper understanding of what Ultraman Ginga S is built upon.


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