Joining 2016 Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge

Pick Your Genre 2016

So, as I need to work on my backlistings of arc’s and the like I thought I would join Herding Cats & Burning Soup’s 2016 Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge. (Found out about this via the lovely Keeper Bookshelf <- Who is a awesome fellow blogger I love getting book ideas from her)

Pretty much you select a genre: I’m going a mix with Paranormal, Contemporary & holiday in Romance section.

Then how many are you reading between Jan 1, 2016 – Dec 31, 2016: Level 3 @ 25 books

So all the ones in this section will be under the 2016 Pick Your Genre Challenge tag

~ Check out Herding Cats & Burning Soup’s original post here ~

Other Challenges I am doing


3 thoughts on “Joining 2016 Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge

  1. Thank you for the kind mention – it certainly made me smile first thing upon waking this morning.

    I believe you’ll enjoy Anna’s 2016 Reading Challenge… and the bonus is as everyone fills in what they’ve finished it gives the rest of us some additional recommendations for our own reading piles. Gotta love a win win like that.

    And congrats on NetGalley approval. I was in heaven when I got approved – just one word of caution try not to go crazy with requests. I figured that I wouldn’t be approved for many at first so I request a lot – got approved for every one. Was I ever reading fast for awhile there 🙂 But have fun and I hope you discover some great books and authors.

    • I have only 17, wish there was some good paranormal romance on there that actually interests me. Most of the ones I find interesting I get denied so most of my paranormal ones are what I find other places. I have to scour with authors from time to time if there’s a arc from them on there which is awesome to find like Garry Russell’s and Neil Gaiman’s.

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