LiWho 3 AfterCon

 photo 44b13f48-c553-4f67-b1ab-2c490eb3955f_zpsdi4xnkya.jpgThe con was up there with Carol, Mikey Mouse’s Noel and all the other actors. I had gotten to sit in for a few panels even one I had done a book review on! This time I had a chance to pull out scarecrow 2.0 this year as I had the item I needed.

Image Heavy!

All I used to update my scarecrow was cutting a hula skirt in half. Where the con was located was nice, one of my whovian cosplay pals joked about it being a castle. Friday was not that great as even though the microwave was requested and we asked for it again when we got there we did not get it till Saturday afternoon. Thank goodness for my hot water maker but we were going to have pulled pork tacos make your own on Friday. Then there is the fact they seem selective on telling the wifi code/promo that I did not find out there was one till Sunday, though I do not know exactly what it was.

The actors are so nice! I mean Katy is a sweetheart, I mean you can just tell just watching the video below. ❤

Katy talking about finding out being on Sarah Jane Adventures and with Pertwee.

 photo IMG_20151115_144821627_zpslttxyqkj.jpg

When Frazier saw me as scarecrow he asked “Didn’t I kill you last year?” & one of my friends wanted a photo of the saying on Camille’s sign & Camille asks something along the lines of “Do you want me to be in the photo?” I mean all of them are wonderful.


The information channel just showing doctor who related things was pretty cool though when we turned it on late at night there was this weird edited clip of 3rd just saying pretty much the same thing over and over after someone else would talk from inside a circle… We turned the tv off after 5 minutes.

The F’ Yeah Panel was interesting but not really my thing and I was tired. BUT I got to sit in Gary Russell’s panel (See photo below) and ask him about Doctor Who: Big Bang Generation. (I did a netgalley review on it!)
  photo f0f3c999-489f-44b3-ae95-c4e77878a810_zpslnlrrwde.jpg

So many interesting and different cosplays this year! A little sad I missed the Omega child.

 photo 1447462666517_zps0eaehiws.jpg  photo IMG_20151113_184422284_zpspnz0gync.jpg  photo IMG_20151113_184606328_zpssvigq1ef.jpg  photo IMG_20151113_184610048_zps4dw4bovw.jpg   photo IMG_20151113_202846012_zpsop1ri2m7.jpg  photo IMG_20151113_202255643_zps3zdmjh3m.jpg photo IMG_20151113_220416464_zpswlg1ss3j.jpg  photo IMG_20151114_115449927_zpshlntuy86.jpg  photo IMG_20151114_115821785_zpstufbxuml.jpg  photo IMG_20151114_121231656_zpsrxe2tawh.jpg  photo IMG_20151114_142357524_zpsnk3jgrrx.jpg  photo IMG_20151114_165338159_zpsuvct8utz.jpg  photo IMG_20151114_180346553_zpsmjvfbiab.jpg  photo IMG_20151114_215630724_zpsdxlvw5hi.jpg  photo IMG_20151114_223419609_zpsqxapkhhk.jpg

Do not forget the sillyness that always happens at Li Who!
Let that be the play acting that happened during Time Line,
 photo bc9d46fc-19a6-4212-a165-52fa3b288b4d_zpsemdqzsj7.jpg

Silly photobombing,

 photo 56ff69d1-7742-4497-a4fa-a5a2a88eb21f_zpsndvxltfl.jpg

Late Night Shinagagins,

 photo 0c5b2052-f8b9-429b-88c2-69f78a7c88a8_zpsxwedos1p.jpg  photo ef6637d0-b797-4169-9fa4-f137663adc3e_zpsrxvpkcpt.jpg  photo bd4e1f09-38a0-431d-97ab-2b0e1c63f62f_zpsytfuhatt.jpg  photo fa18f935-4f3a-4d26-b2b0-96551b42e0ae_zpsf1yr02ha.jpg

Or the scarf jump-rope!

Osgood is now the big cosplay this year, so many Osgoods. I kept my Osgood as a late night cosplay to relax in, with my pj’s under my lab coat and a cup of hot apple cider. I get to confuse people cause I am not wearing a mask anymore. Though in scarecrow I had to hunt down a regular photo of me to remind others what I look like under it.
 photo d1c1a375-215a-47a2-8350-996c078b975e_zpsd9k0mte7.jpg  photo a0081c86-ff99-411b-a9e6-84572f42d8fd_zps9gw0woen.jpg

Low point during the con would be the 7th floor gremlin we had, that kept on turning the arrows around and when we left the gremlin absconded with arrows. The first 3 photos are the ones right outside the elevators, taken on different times and days.

 photo 0c7114d4-a24b-4589-9109-0d9e1855692a_zps2xzy8y7c.jpg  photo 23c7d6db-192b-4e76-bc49-7db52c7c7010_zpsfnolqrn2.jpg  photo 0adad954-92b4-4716-a1aa-1e760b28dd5c_zpsr0ah7gv3.jpg  photo d38d5eb4-0fc8-4b04-8eaa-6edb4964e8ff_zpsbghlxsdp.jpg

All and all, looking forward to next year! Sophie and Sylvester!
Here’s a collection of photos and videos for you all! There is a photo of Katy holding a replica 3rd’s head surrounded by Daleks.

 photo IMG_20151113_134319965_zpslk5gvpih.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_135141553_zpsck6jx6vw.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_135600246_zpscigcnpn3.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_140204876_zpsurpmhrq2.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_144758780_zpsu78zcsrs.jpg

 photo IMG_20151113_150842506_zpswpdz4pid.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_183816505_zpsuaby6qsy.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_184033636_zpsmlg5cbld.jpg
 photo 1447466188130_zpsfadgtq2s.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_185741433_zpsrhshnhkc.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_190012341_zpsdad5icas.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_191829283_zpsv2vyjvxh.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_202017002_zpscbu9vjzt.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_204617126_zpsgkgqma8h.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_204936192_zps0quldffd.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_205106152_zpszu4mmh2p.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_205154459_zpsf3xrtuid.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_211001771_zpsmxlad64v.jpg
 photo IMG_20151113_221201231_zpssyuc2t6k.jpg
 photo Snapchat-180611273619533663_zpsi3ms7syt.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_121248558_zpsqbldttd4.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_121321774_zpsoj6ipuvi.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_121737906_zpspw01l003.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_122107102_zpszuqx67nt.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_122415061_zpslrtfxphl.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_123719492_zps4ixgebyu.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_123746940_zpsi6lebfhe.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_131059278_zpszgscm129.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_140742284_zpsmxd1drpv.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_143730103_zpsrnecsunp.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_143749841_zpsuwwssxpl.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_154942854_zpsvzrk0ou1.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_160838052_zpsz1aw9gb3.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_161714828_zpsxgbgqpsr.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_165507615_zpsrr9zm9vd.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_171758128_zpsffgnicou.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_172245849_zpsqtkvbixi.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_223156783_zpsxwtqtgos.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_223247903_zps6ll2ixpn.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_223740078_zpsainnptya.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_224121210_zpsovsusjgy.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_224455283_zpsggjl8ik7.jpg
 photo IMG_20151114_224554655_zpsury8oez1.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_243521054_zpsabs3dj1c.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_140832513_zpsyin82k6h.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_142539751_zpspwbgsdgl.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_141444_zpse0esloqv.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_145910097_zpsrln3g9oe.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_151322015_zpsxgvkyrww.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_145942531_zps1q34vazu.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_145950521_HDR_zps1j7gqyaq.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_150318931_zpsvffjvozw.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_170659_zps5zblgqqd.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_152427872_zpswxcmkin9.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_153939652_zpsar5vxrjq.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_153955564_zpsjdo67suk.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_155314195_zps9n671qqg.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_160135760_zpsgyg6f6nf.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_170538802_zpsdxbykuhu.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_185419084_zpsmdmvbkft.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_181353657_zpsa98lneu7.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_181304281_zpsn876or67.jpg
 photo 1447631911838_zpshdnw2lfs.jpg
 photo IMG_20151115_191322383_zpsjnmo9htq.jpg




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