Amazon Music thoughts

Trying Amazon prime and I get Amazon Music for free.

Miss not knowing what’s song is being played when I am away from the screen.

The biggest drawback I can find is if you listen to World or indie artists/groups. Surprised no big name world artists/groups like say Juanes. I mostly stuck to Alternative/Fall Out Boy and Green Day prime stations as I have better chance of finding music I like that way then going via a playlist. Surprised there was not more Fall Out Boy or Green Day songs from more of their albums. Gets really repetitive after a while. Works better when there is a new and upcoming prime radio to listen to and the like button for songs should stick between stations. Or even having a option to allow that or explicit songs. Think I will stick with Google Radio, at least then I can hear some new upcoming songs that will maybe end up on Kjoy in the future.

Fall Out Boy – Young Volcanoes


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