Online Book Catalogs [& Why I hate GoodReads/Shelfari]

I have used FictFact, Shelfari, GoodReads off and on for a while now. I always seem to fall back on FictFact for one very specific reason: It has a very simple way to set all books in a whole series as read without clicking each and every book in the series! Two clicks and I am done!

What gets me for sites like GoodReads or Shelfari is I have to manually click each book and then go through a popup to get that book in one of my lists. Some series are pretty long that I find it tiring doing that for each of my books when I read them in bursts.

If there was a simplified version to add all books in a series to a list on GoodReads/Shelfari I would change over to using them.

The only downsides with FictFact is it only lists series not standalones.

The only good thing Shelfari has going is the ability to import your amazon book orders into your shelf.

Maybe in the future FictFact could pull info from a import amazon book orders list.

Sites I talk about:

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4 thoughts on “Online Book Catalogs [& Why I hate GoodReads/Shelfari]

      • I think back at the beginning I imported from goodreads, but it’s been so long I can’t remember. I love using fictiondb. I find they are more accurate and more up to date on series than fictfact.

      • Hmm, seems like a whole lot of hoops to add books via the empty circle unless you mean the 3 colored circles. Sad that I don’t see any way to edit books as they don’t seem to be on top of series very much. Quite a few had no listed series.

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