January Japan Crate

 photo a8ecf744-d01d-438f-9bf7-cd767e33a5de_zpsjwokyhrr.jpg

It is a let down for the actual price the original is. I had gotten mine free via Crunchyroll’s premium sign up offer. The one thing it has going against it is the broken diy set that caused a delay in shipping. I am pretty sure when I did my order I went for the largest box but I digress looking at the booklet that I am not missing much. As the pizza Prez I have seen local and have tried them. They were not my thing. I may go for next months just to find out what the actual crate is supposed to be filled with. Does the premium have double items from the smaller boxes?


 photo 26f5aa2a-5e0a-4558-98ea-f9e47198c8e2_zpsg3cokzca.jpg

Not that crazy on the grape snack (it is substituting for the missing gudetama) and the two yam/potatoes snacks. Only had one dent on a snack which is good. No real full review of the items inside besides the few things I know can get in person. Some of these items have stickers on the back which makes me think they are not really “imported” more like bought wholesale from the same place some of the Asian markets/chains as some of them have stickers listed in english. Or could be from the same chain. Would have loved if there was a way to edit what you get like you would want more interesting items or things not pineapple or grape flavored.


 photo IMG_20160113_215806373_zpsld6rppd4.jpg
Pocky – They sure were not very exciting for this, I can buy this anywhere give me something more interesting then plain pocky.


 photo IMG_20160113_215739696_zpstlaydvzn.jpg
Calpis – Love this drink especially in mango and lychee flavor. It is like a gummy livesaver but more mushy. There is two layers to it, there is a extremely soft top and a more firmer bottom. I can see myself eating more if they had them in other flavors. There is no real flavor to them, more like a plain flavored gummy. The top also disintegrates strangely in my mouth.


 photo IMG_20160113_221705297_zpstvc0nx0n.jpg
Usushi potato chips – Yum! Not really a potato chip person though. A bit on the greasy side and makes my lips tingle from the salt content and I am not even finished with the bag. Looks like something I can find local. Again not very innovative like the plain pocky. Give me something interesting. Kind of wish I had gotten the ume (plum) variation.


 photo IMG_20160113_222901258_zpsmyf1uccn.jpg
Pokemon Gum – The outer wrapping is really cute especially the paper wrapping inside. Think I may have gotten a special wrapping as the Aaron’s evolved form is on smoother paper. That is were it ends on a good note. Feel like I am chewing tar or a harder hi-chew. Wish it was not pineapple flavored as that is not one of my favorable flavors up there with grape. Not sure how I would count this as gum, it is more like a glorified hi-chew in a gum stick form.
 photo IMG_20160113_222946797_zpscnwdl8r6.jpg  photo IMG_20160113_223026536_zpsd9vpmnj2.jpg

 photo IMG_20160113_222832541_zpsluejzjbj.jpg
Orange gummies – Man these things take you by surprise in how strong they are! Definitely for a wake up call! Strange though they do not match the info sheet’s photo for these, looks like they slap on whatever as long as they are basically the same thing.


 photo PhotoGrid_1452741194580_zpsuvvorcdo.png
Pen and squishy bear charm – CUTE! I like the fact the pen has a ring with a neck pillow charm as I already attached my Heiji from Detective Conan on it. Not sure what to do with the bear squishy. It is cute and all, but I am afraid of it getting destroyed in a week. These two items were also to replace the missing Gudetama.


 photo IMG_20160113_215819359_zpsea0o0cyp.jpg
Hello Kitty biscuits – Looks like glorified Pocky in strawberry flavor. Which after opening and eating them they are. These have a little damage on the bottom corner. Seen these in stores.
 photo IMG_20160113_171045337_zpstfeaw5zs.jpg


Here is the rest of the photos I took so far, not sure when I will eat/snack on the rest of the items. The only item I would love to find is the Calpis in another flavor here. Most of these items do not really make me jump up and down to stick with the subscription.

 photo IMG_20160113_221744071_zpseaelxt9w.jpg  photo IMG_20160113_221752750_zpsi3joq3yy.jpg  photo IMG_20160113_221730938_zpsb2eursiw.jpg  photo IMG_20160113_221739527_zps4bzvbsfi.jpg  photo IMG_20160113_215835698_zpsmycxs5in.jpg  photo IMG_20160113_221131749_zpsqxzfrivh.jpg  photo IMG_20160113_221028630_zps8wp1kwqu.jpg  photo IMG_20160113_221054354_zpsblxnym8w.jpg


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